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d.c. and the d.c. region appears for dangerously high temperatures and a weeklong heat wave. "good morning washington at 6:00 a.m." begins right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. . 6:00 on this monday, july 18. i am jennifer donelan. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us on this monday. traffic and weather every ten minutes. jim russ in a moment. we start with meteorologist adam caskey. heat is coming. >> respect is. the pleasant weather a is a thing of the past. -- the heat is coming. highs near the century mark by the end of this work week. a beautiful start today in
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frederick, 70 degrees with mostly clear skies. 73 in downtown d.c., 70 at dulles airport. 64 in manassas and culpeper, 66 incumbents 74 -- 66 in cumberland. accident on new hampshire avenue at lockwood drive in the southbound direction, south of white oak. traffic getting by to the right with a brief delay. we will show you that we have an accident reported in prince george's county on route 50 eastbound near the interchange at 197 against the rush hour float in the bowie strapped. be careful. give yourself a couple extra minutes. in southeast, m street near the waterfront has been reopened after fire department activity. virginia interstates are off to a very good start. back to you.
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>> thank you. we are following breaking news. firefighters scrambled to douse the flames after fire broke out at the washington yacht club in southeast d.c., the fire reported before 3:00 this morning. jummy olabanji is live on the scene with the latest developments. >> good morning. the our investigators are still on the scene trying to figure out where and how this fire started. we can show our viewers, some of the video we saw some of what the heck the flames and smoke looks like just after the fire started before 3:00 this morning. this is the 1500 block of m in southeast. fire officials got the call around 2:45 that a boat was on fire at the yacht club. did they realize several boats or on fire after they got here. because they are pretty close together, they had to untie some of them does to save a few of them from being damaged. between 50 and 60 firefighters
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and depend about 30 minutes to put it out. four were completely damaged or destroyed. we spoke with one of the boat's owners. >> one of the captain called me and told me that his boat along with two and others were gone and mine was one of the others. i have just renovated it. quite a bit of money invested in it. now it's all gone. from what i conceive looking across. i don't see anything in the water, actually. >> all of those boats are under water, all four that were damaged in the early morning fire. the good news is no one was on the boats, so there are no injuries. damage estimated india -- in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. firefighters are placing booms in the water to make sure that
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there's no fuel leaking around. reporting live in southeast jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. we want to turn to our other top story. the heatwave that's coming our way. dangerously hot weather moving into our area this week. >> a heat index of 112th. some cities are feeling the effects of the brutal conditions already. brianne carter joins us now from the national mall with what we can expect here. >> good morning. we are feeling a little bits of debris is right now. you will want to enjoy that while last now. it will not last long. we will start to move into dangerous temperatures later in the week. already people across the country are feeling this heat wave. the system sitting over the midwest right now will start to make its way into our region. there's a heat advisory -- there are heat advisory and warnings in place in 17 states from texas to michigan. people are doing all they can to
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beat the heat. in oklahoma city on sunday, another day of 100 degrees. the 27 day that city has climbed up to 100 ore-ida. the unrelenting weather is supposed to stick around care about the week. doctors and americans officials warning everyone did a precaution. >> the worst part is heatstroke. people's temperatures are getting over 103 degrees and they are not capable of maintaining a normal temperature. >> while some people might say that this is just washington weather in the summer, certainly it is going to be dangerous weather as we talk about 100 degrees which heat index is even higher. and a lot of people were finally and getting some relief from the really high temperatures that we had last week. and it's coming at a bad time as people are heading into the weekend, making outdoor plants. reporting from the national mall, brianne carter, abc 7 news.
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>> this will be high -- hot even for d.c.. go to for the whether any time. police are searching for the person who shot a 14-year-old boy in southeast d.c. at around 10:00 last night in the 3200 block of stanton road. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. no word on his identity or what led to the shooting. two people died when a tour bus coming from washington d.c., to niagara falls crashed in western new york. five people were encouraged. a tire blowout made of cotton the driver to lose control and then crash on interstate 390 near rochester. the tour bus owner is located near buffalo. details on the passengers have not been released. today president obama will nominate ohio pose a former attorney general to lead a new
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consumer protection bureau. richard cordray. the nomination bypasses the creator of the agency, harvard law professor elizabeth warren. the bureau will begin oversight on july 21. its goal is to watch mortgages credit cards, and other forms of lending. new this morning, three international service members have been killed in a bomb blast in eastern afghanistan. that is the word from nato. will to bring you an update later in the show. today a new chapter begins in afghanistan. general david petraeus will relinquish his post in a chemist and to lieutenant general john allen. general petraeus plans to retire from the army at the end of august, and will start his new job as head of the cia on september 5. nato is preparing to hand over provincial control to afghan forces. 71 degrees on this monday.
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>> the startling arrest in the alleged phone hacking case surrounding media mogul rupert murdoch and resignation. a morale boost for the nation in mourning, the expense of the american team. we will have more on the u.s. women's heart breaking world cup loss. >> a live picture of 395 moving smoothly so far.
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i am lisa tazed with women
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hart, the national coalition for women with heart disease. if if you are woman living with heart disease, we are here for you. go to our web site. >> good morning, washington. happy monday morning 6:11, adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center with your forecast update. back to the heat and humidity this week. you'll especially noticed the dangerous levels by the end of the week into the upcoming weekend. here's a beautiful look at the sunrise in arlington from washington-lee high school. thin clouds. capitol heights maryland, 72, 72 x campbell elementary school in arlington, 68 in herndon, 72 in takoma park, a typical start to this july day. 93 for the high-temperature later on today. high temperatures near 100 later on this week.
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the best chance of storms is tomorrow. route 29 at lockwood drive traffic is pretty good. new hampshire avenue at lockwood drive, there's an accident being cleared away. traffic is getting by to the right with a brief delay. out of the beltway looks pretty good at getting through silver spring, no delays. 270 is a little slow in hyattstown. 66 has heavy traffic in manassas. 99 is jammed in woodbrige. accident reported on the eastbound side of rte. 50 near the interchange at route 197 in bowie. and because of the marine and fire, a stretch of m street was set down in southeast by the 11th street bridge, but that has been reopened and the lanes are running pretty freely. back to you. >> thank you. more fallout from the british tabloid hacking scandal. days after she resigned as head of rupert murdoch's british operations, police arrested
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rebekah brooks. and the london police commissioner resigned. i have no knowledge of the extent of this terrible practice or the extent of expert and the repugnant nature of the selection of victims now emerging. >> rupert and his and james are expected to answer questions from british lawmakers tomorrow. brooks is also scheduled to testify. it's not clear if she will do so. 71 degrees. >> developing news, expired on a south american subway train leaves two passengers dead. \ >> new developments in the debt debate as republicans prepare for a vote this week. >> of top u.s. auto executive is optimistic
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taking our top stories alisa clark 14. and over is nights priornight fire. four boats and deck caught fire at the washington boat club at d.c.'s southeast marina. there are concerns about leaking fuel. there's no word on what caused the fire that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. investigators are searching for the gunman who shot two teenage boys atabrine ginsberg apartment complex overnight. the victims are expected to recover. -- a bladensburg apartment complex. it was an attempted robbery. casey anthony walked out of jail after almost three years. she was found not skilled in the deaths of her daughter, but she was convicted of lying to investigators. two people died and four
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others were wounded when a gunman opened fire on a subway train in the capital santiago in chile. the gunman shot two people, then killed himself at a nearby square. the debt showdown continues on capitol hill. the republican plan is set for a house vote tomorrow. now a preview. >> cut, cap and balance. house republicans are expected to pass such a bill as a prerequisite to raising the debt ceiling. >> that will get us out of that over a long period of time and we would have a balanced budget requirement to stay out of debt. i think that will be the republican position. >> the cuts would slash federal spending and bring down? the roughly $1.50 trillion deficit expected this year. a cap would mean limiting
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federal spending to 18% of the gross domestic product. balance would come by way of a constitutional balanced budget amendment. and that is likely to happen if the head of the august 2 deadline or raising the debt limit and the senate is not likely to approve its own such a bill. lawmakers scheduled for another week of talks. >> substantial discussions are going on in the senate between the leaders to make sure that congress has a way to take action and avoid default on the u.s. debt. it's critical. >> i cannot think of another president in my memory who would have devoted that much time and patience trying to bring both sides together but the responsibility is ultimately ours. >> a compromise plan would let president obama is the nation's borrowing limit, proposed by republican its mcconnell. the republican presidential campaign is going high-tech. the candidates will meet this
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week for the first presidential debate to be held solely through twitter. wednesday's event is sponsored by the tea party. michelle bachmann, tim pawlenty, and newt gingrich, among others will take part. time is running out for borders bookstores. and harry potter is box office magic. >> now the report. >> topping america's money the ceo of ford says there's an economic recovery in your future. he says the improving economy is the result of decreasing oil prices and getting over the japanese earthquake. today general motors will announce it is investing $300 million to update its assembly plant in flint michigan, that will keep or preserve several hundred jobs. it is appearing more likely the nation's second largest bookstore chain will be liquidated. last night was the deadline for
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bids to keep order is in business and there were none. water is still has 400 stores and employs almost 11,000 people. harry-- borders still has 400 stores. harry potter took in $168 billion this weekend and is likely to set more records. >> it was a good week to go outside and this week is a good week to be inside an air- conditioned movie. . >> we will talk about the real heatwave that will hit us later this week but first in laurel, maryland a beautiful start. if you high, thin clouds --a few a few high, thin clouds. 71 in winchester this morning.
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a typical july start today. you'll feel a bit of humidity. not overly oppressive. 73 downtown. at dulles airport, currently 70 degrees. along the water in annapolis 74. clear skies overhead. we will see some of the left over debris cloud cover from a decaying and destroy complex that was in michigan. now quickly falling apart. some of the left over cloud cover will drift overhead. overall, today will be presented. tropical storm bret is northwest of great abaco islands. not expected to increase to hurricane strength. maximum sustained wind 50 miles an hour. it could impact bermuda's weather, as a tropical storm was
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likely. 93 or the high temperature for us today. a few thin clouds here and there would sunshine mostly. the best chance of storms is tomorrow. a few isolated storms late tonight and early tomorrow morning possible. scattered storms tomorrow afternoon. less of a stance of storms on wednesday. 100 degrees by friday. we could be at 100 anywhere from thursday through saturday. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like about 110-113. heat indexes around 112 on friday. that's it for the forecast. now to jim russ. the accident that occurred on southbound branch avenue south of lockwood drive now there's one to the left and one to the right. not going to cost you much time to get the white oak and to the beltway. let's go to the beltway to look at the outer loop headed through silver spring. there's very little delay
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getting through there. that's the outer loop going towards the bottom left of your screen. we have an accident on route 50 in bowie eastbound near 197. there's no information on that. there was a building fire earlier on the waterfront on n street, east of the 11th street bridge. that has been reopened. springfield traffic, 95 headed there is jammed in a couple of stretches out of woodbrige day the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 6:22 on this monday, 71 degrees. things will be heating up later this week. >> coming up, a new study looks at which family members that the children are safest with behind the wheel. >> today on "oprah," a landmark interview with the president and first lady, at 4:00 and abc 7.
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welcome back. 7 is on your side with. children may be safer riding in a car driven by grandparent rather than a passer and. c-- than a parent. their risk was 50% lower when riding with a grandparent. the study is published in the journal "pediatrics." u.s. soccer fans disappointed after a
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heartbreaking loss to japan in the women's world cup finals. >> the americans did not go down without a fight. they kept the game tied until the penalty kicks. the u.s. missed its first three penalty kicks. deck and went on to win the game. in prince william county there were looking into the alley krieger as an inspiration. >> it makes me want to work harder and get better and be like her one day. >> members of the prince william county soccer club plan to be a dulles international airport to welcome home the u.s. women's soccer team from germany. 6:26 71 degrees outside. >> the news continues at 6:30. the couple accused of showing up uninvited to a white house dinner is expected in court this morning. >> we are getting some relief from the relentless heat -- but the relentless heat is coming
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back. >> we really
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>> the forecast you need to see as the d.c. region prepares for dangerously high temperatures and a week-long heat wave. good morning washington. it's 6:30 on this monday, july 18. i'm pamela brown. >> and i'm jennifer donelan today. we have time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam? >> it's going to be a warm one this week. typical july heat that we're used to. actually for the first half of the week. but as we get into thursday through saturday, that's when you'll really notice the increase in the heat and humidity. and actually it will get to the dangerous levels. first let's start with the sunrise over frederick early
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this morning. beautiful look there. a few high, thin clouds in the distance. 71 right now in frederick. 71 alexandria. 57 gainesville. 66 williamsburg. 74 riverdale maryland. on our way to 93 this afternoon. a lot of sunshine. a few high, thin clouds. light south winds five to 10. tomorrow is the best chance of storms all week. they'll be scattered in nature. and maybe an isolated storm in the morning. heat and humidity friday, 101 it will feel like 112. jim? >> traveling 95 virginia, heavy traffic from the prince william parkway to the occoquan. a little slow to the newington stretch. the beltway not bad. to maryland, an accident on new hampshire avenue. this is going to be southbound before you get to lockwood drive. traffic gets by both left and right with only a brief delay so far. 29 will get you by that without any delay whatsoever.
6:32 am
out on the beltway so far looks pretty good, including here at the american legion bridge where we have no delays in either direction. 66 a bit slow on the manassas stretch. jennifer, pamela back to you. >> thanks so much. we begin with the heat wave heading our way as adam mentioned. dangerously hot weather moving into our area this week. some cities are already feeling the effects of the brutal conditions. we're live from the national mall with what we can expect. >> hi, jennifer. good morning to you. we are very thankful this morning that as the sun comes up, we're also feeling a breeze out here. this as we were just getting relief from the heat we had last week. and now the heat will be back on. already some people are dealing with the dangerous temperatures. mother nature's unrelenting heat wave is making it miserable outdoors for millions. >> it's muggy. >> with scorching temperatures
6:33 am
in the midwest residents are looking for relief any way they can in chicago, people trying to cool off packed the beaches. >> we can come out here and cool off before the heat really kicks in today. >> heat advisories and warnings stretch across 17 states from texas to michigan. in five of those states temperatures topped 100. >> sweltering hot out here right now. >> and soon we will be feeling the pain. that same system is headed east. so sticky, sweltering temperatures on tap for us later in the week. certainly very dangerous it could be if you're out here for a prolonged period of time. and it really couldn't come at a worst time through the week as we head into the weekend. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. you can look at the latest forecast 24 hours a day. head to our website and click on the weather tab. >> 6:33. we're following breaking news this morning. a fiery scene at the washington
6:34 am
yacht club in southeast d.c. boats and the deck caught fire just before 3:00 this morning. the yacht club is near the 11th street bridge. emergency crews are putting buoys into the water to contain any potential fuel spills. we'll have a live report in a few minutes from now. first, please are investigating a deathly crash in dickerson. a car hit a pole around can last night, knocking down power lines. those power lines were knocked down into the car. the driver was killed. fortunately no one else was in the car. there's still no word on the victim's identity. >> in the day ahead one of the suspects in last month's shooting at the caribbean festival is scheduled to be in court for a preliminary hearing. the 19-year-old terry gym neds is charge -- jimenez. police say foster was an
6:35 am
innocent bystander. two other people are also charged in that shooting. the so-called white house party crashers are expected in a loudoun county district courtroom this morning. radaronline reports they are being sued by a woman who claims she paid them for a tour. >> now that she's been released from jail, some premeditate asking where's casey anthony. >> the orlando woman was whisked away and on to a plane early sunday morning. a plane matching the description believed to be owned by anthony's attorney was spotted parked athe a small airport near san francisco sunday. but it's anyone's guess as to anthony's whereabouts. >> after 1,054 days in jail, casey anthony was released. a free woman but forever connected to what so many
6:36 am
outside the jail believe was an unspeakable crime. they believe she murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> she's hiding a terrible secret. we're talking about a child here. >> anthony was expressionless. then she climbed into a waiting s.u.v. and sped off. >> i thought maybe she would have showed more emotion going out. but her and jose were very plain-faced, very on a mission to go out. >> just where anthony can go is unclear. for three years her face was in regular rotation on cable crime shows. many were convinced of her guilt and anguished by her acquittal. >> i don't feel like justice was done. >> her defense team openly acknowledged their client could be in danger. as for going home after the verdict, anthony refused to allow her mother to visit her in jail. but her parents aren't ruling out a reunion.
6:37 am
>> had jose dropped her off at the house they would have opened up the door. >> that doesn't seem likely anytime soon. anthony made her way to a small crop plane destination unknown. when casey anthony walked out of that jail, she did so with about $500 in her pocket. that may change very soon. media experts say she stands to make as much as $1 million if she decides to tell her story. >> 6:37. 71 degrees on this monday. >> and when "good morning washington" continues the latest on a hate crime. >> but first the latest on traffic and weather.
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>> welcome back. it is 6:40. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> that's right. and doug hill is now joining us. i know you will have a busy week there, doug. >> absolutely. that's going to be the story all week long. the high heat, excessive heat, by the end. week. we'll get started today with temperatures already into the 90's this afternoon. let's run up the road here to chesapeake beach take a look at what's happening weather-wise. as we look live, temperatures about 70 degrees. we're going to see a few clouds at times today.
6:41 am
temperatures will again increase, winds southwesterly. around the area now temperatures actually fairly comfortable. 68 in gaithersburg. 71 baltimore. 64 culpeper. a few cool spots. but during the day all of those temperatures you can add a good 20 degrees or 30 degrees. satellite and radar shows some clouds, showers and storms. we'll get a few clouds maybe tonight and isolated storms. a quick look forecast through the day. on this monday, 18th of july, partly sunny hot and humid. temperatures will climb into the lower 90's this afternoon. we'll take an extended look at the weather this heat wave, and also tropical storm brett in a few minutes. meantime, jim ross, what's it looking like? >> report of a car fire. going to be at the interchange here. you can see at the top of the screen this is after the river road overpass. no flames. fire department there to check
6:42 am
out what happened. they expect to find a brief delay in the outer loop after the 2720 spur -- 270 spur toward river road. otherwise an accident earlier is still being cleared up, one single left lane getting past the scene. 270 traffic jammed up in the hyattstown area. no accidents here. 95 virginia, slow in the woodbridge stretch. there was an accident reported on route 1 at the southern intersection with mount vernon highway. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:42. 72 degrees. >> up next, the debt showdown on capitol hill. we have the latest developments. >> an overnight fire at a d.c. marina damages several boats.
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>> welcome back. the investigation continues into
6:45 am
the vandalism of two middle schools in montgomery county. police say sexual images were painted on north bethesda middle school saturday. the images have since been painted over. last week similar graffiti was found on another middle school in the potomac. police believe the two incidents are related. >> we are following breaking news. four boats go up in flames. fire broke out at the washington yacht club. we're live on the scene all morning long. >> jennifer, good morning. i actually just got a chance to go down into the marine i can't with fire investigators and take a look at the damaged boats for myself. and i can tell you the damage is pretty extensive. you can't even really tell the boats were there. there's just a few pieces of these boats sticking up from the water because all four have sunk. we have video to show our viewers of what this fire looked like shortly after it broke out around 2:45 this morning. according to investigators, all of this happened at the
6:46 am
washington yacht club in southeast. they say they got the call that one boat was on fire. when they got here, there were several on fire because all of them were docked within feet from each other. they did nothing untie some other boats and save them being from damaged. but unfortunate flatley four boats were -- unfortunately four boats were destroyed and have now sunk. we spoke to one of the owners. >> one of the captains called me and told me that he understood that his boat, along with a few other boats was on fire. and mine was one of the few other boats. i just renovated it. quite a bit of money invested in it. and now it's all gone from what i can see looking across from the other dock. actually, i don't see anything in the water. >> yeah. all four of those boats are in the water. many of these boat owners who are out here, all of them out here, tell me that the damage for each boat is anywhere
6:47 am
from $75,000 to $100,000. got news is none of them were out here none of them were on the boat so there were no injuries. fire investigators are right now trying to soak up or stop any sort of spillage or leakage into the anacostia river from the fuel that was on these boats. they are is trying to figure out the cause of the fire. reporting live from southeast abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. the debt debate continues on capitol hill. >> that's right. the chief white house correspondent michael len joins us now -- mike allen joins us with the latest. great to have you here with us. >> good morning. >> we're hearing that republicans are bringing to the house floor their own bill which is interesting though, because there's not a lot of compromise if any. >> no. that's a great point. it's another time that things are maybe even further apart. now people are debating whether they'll walk over the edge of the cliff. can you get to august 3?
6:48 am
can you get to august 4? until now the market just says this is all theater. they're going to get it done in the end. but the markets start to wonder about that. and that could happen any day. then we'll see action. >> the impact, too seems to be in question depending on who you're talking to. republicans seem to be downplaying the impact and democrats seem to be accused of making too much of this. >> yes. some of the presidential candidates like michelle backman of minnesota is saying the president is scare mongering. i don't think anybody wants to find that out. also tim pawlenty will spend the next month driving around iowa, trying to get ready for that iowa caucus coming up. another big story today lance armstrong, who's being investigated for doping, he's
6:49 am
filed something in court that says that the leaks out of the grand jury including the investigators going to france, information about what they're finding, are designed to smear him. calls it a character assassination. he says even if he were charged and cleared people would still assume he did it. >> and you have that on >> just popped up. thank you. >> we'll take a look at traffic and weather. >> and we'll check in with our doug hill. good morning doug. >> good morning. we're off and running to a pretty good-look morning. but by this afternoon and the rest of this week especially it is going to get uncomfortably hot and humid. let's go to laurel. a beautiful picture this morning. sunrise. a few high clouds on the eastern horizon. temperature 72 degrees. across the rest of the area it's still very comfortable. get the sunup and we'll see quick rises in temperatures through the 60's and 70's. 67 in gainesville and leesburg.
6:50 am
74 in plainsville. the clouds are north and west due to an area of showers and storms that blew off coming in western sections of ontario and quebec. this whole area will continue to advance in the southeast giving us a few clouds. our storm chances, a slight chance late tonight. better chances tomorrow. a quick look at the tropical action. this is tropical storm brett. it's moving northeast, a little bit stronger. not expected to become a hurricane anytime soon. you can kind of see the track here as we move forward in time. we'll move off to the north and east. here's our weather story through this monday. it is going to get hot in the lower 90's. quite a bit of sunshine. a steady rise in temperatures through the midday and afternoon hours. chance of showers and storms later tonight. for today here's the forecast. sunshine, steady warm-up in temperatures. we'll climb up into the lower 90's. later in the week, mid 90's, 100
6:51 am
likely on thursday and friday possibly into saturday. adam will have a fresh look at the seven-day in a couple of minutes. meanwhile, another update on the "monday morning commute." >> there was report of a car fire earlier. all the activity is now gone. any delays we're finding should be gone very shortly. on new hampshire avenue, a crash southbound near the intersection with lockwood drive. let's see if there's anybody left at the scene. there was traffic getting by on only one lane at one point. in fact, we're going to find that through 29, it's picked up a lot of traffic to the left to get by. we'll be [ child's voice ] ooh,
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investigators are searching for the cause of an overnight fire that damaged four boats. authorities believe the fire started on one boat at the washington yacht club and then spread to others. there is now concern about leaking fuel. no one was hurt. police are looking for the gunman who shot two teenage boys. the victim was shot at an apartment complex on 57th avenue. they both are expected to survive. investigators believe this was the result of an attempted robbery. casey anthony has been lying low since her release.
6:55 am
as you'll recall, she was found not guilty in the death of her daughter caylee. anthony was convicted of lying to investigators. "harry potter" set a new box office record. it opened at midnight friday and the money has not stopped rolling in. it brought in $168 million in its first three days, and that was just in the united states. previously the "batman: the dark knight" held the previous record at $168 million. i did not catch that. it was too nice outside. >> it was. enjoying the weather. we want to take a look at the roads. jim so far so good it seems. >> not too bad. we had an accident earlier. no delay, no evidence of it. 29 picked up an awful lot of traffic heading southbound through white oak and down toward the beltway. beltway traffic still pretty good. the earlier car fire is off the road and there is no clay. now with the forecast, here's
6:56 am
adam. a lot of sunshine. a few high, thin clouds. overall a standard july day. highs above 93. same temperature tomorrow and even into wednesday. no big shift in temperatures. but it looks like thursday through saturday, around 100 degrees. we could be anywhere from 98 to 103 at that point to round out this workweek and go into the upcoming weekend so excessive heat and humid and dangerous heat towards the end of the week. by friday it will feel like 112. best storm chances tomorrow. >> 112. wow. >> that's what it will feel like. >> a.c. bills are going to be high this month. >> they sure are. >> that does it for "good morning washington." "good morning america" is next. >> for continuing local news coverage, tune in to channel 8 have a great day. captioned by the national captioning institute -- --
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